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Fish according to the Annese Family

foto della Famiglia Annese

The Annese family only know how to do a few things.
But cooking seafood is a thing we do really well.

I’ve always thought that Italian culinary tradition was a book from which to draw inspiration every day and use it to write new stories.
I’ve always thought that in order to do things well you have to take your time.
I’ve always thought my hands were the greatest gift of all and I’ve learnt to exploit them fully to create something delicious.

That’s all there is to it or perhaps that’s nothing.
However, if I hadn’t transmitted this passion to my wife and children too, I wouldn’t be able to tell you this story. Because they’re the ones who, every day, give me the desire to improve, the drive to surprise others and surprise myself.

Today, our family is united in working together towards a common goal: cooking the best fish in Rimini.
We’ve learnt that homemade pasta is a heritage we have to protect and pass down to future generations, as is the bread we bake freshly every day.
We know the choices we make every day say a lot about who we are. That’s why we only choose the very best fish available.

And lastly, we know that eating well does not just mean good food, but is a concept that also includes a warm welcome, conviviality and know-how that is difficult to express in words.

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